How to Help Grieving People

By Roslyn Crichton
Co-founder of COPING
Edited by Wendy Lindsay

Check out the book written by Roslyn Crichton, the founder of Coping. This book provides useful information for those who want to know how they can help those who are grieving. It covers topics such as What to say, Surviving the Holidays, how to respond to questions, and many other issues.


1. What to say

2. Is it too late to call?

3. Don't wait to be asked

4. Ease the loneliness

5. Listen

6. Allow both tears and laughter

7. Grief and illness

8. Sharing your memories

9. How to respond to "if onlys"

10. Children, the forgotten mourners

11. Mark your calendar

12. Don't try to take the pain away

13. Big decisions can wait

14. Does the grieving ever end?

15. Men

16. Spiritual Support

17. Support Groups

18. Cherishing memories

19. Surviving the holidays