COPING is a group of loving, sharing volunteers who have experienced grief in their own lives. There are over one hundred volunteers in the work of COPING worldwide. Each volunteer is committed to companioning those on a grief journey; providing caring, safe small support groups; and for the education and compassionate care of those who journey through the " valley of the shadow of death." In doing so COPING facilitators companion grieving people, helping them to reconcile with their loss and to reinvest in life. Professional, medical, and church leaders are glad to refer and work alongside of COPING, recognizing the significant benefits realized in community by those who participate in the programs offered by COPING.

Being a companion to the grieving is accomplished through a variety of programs which are age and loss specific. Support groups are available for children, young and older adults alike. Special groups are convened for survivors of homicide, and those impacted by suicides. COPING PLUS and "Alpha" are offered to those investigating faith issues, and for those who are seeking to understand more about the Christian faith. Individual encouragement and regular follow-up activities, including special weekend retreats, ensure that sensitive encouragement and much needed care are available at all times.